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Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection Test in Reading

Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to share my recent experience working on a fascinating project for AspireUAV. In partnership with Kier Construction, we got the chance to perform an Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) test on the expansive 735 square metre flat roof of the Tesco Store in Reading. I'll walk you through the process, significance, and role of electronic leak detection testing in this blog article, emphasising how it is essential to maintaining the roof's integrity.

Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection Test in Reading

Understanding Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection, often abbreviated as ELD, is a cutting-edge technology used to identify leaks and imperfections in roofing membranes without causing any damage to the roof's surface. It relies on the principle that water conducts electricity. Through the use of specialised equipment and a low voltage electrical current applied to the roof's surface, we are able to precisely locate leaks by identifying changes in electrical conductivity brought on by the presence of water.

Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection Test in Reading

The Tesco Store in Reading

The Tesco Store in Reading is a massive retail location covering more than 735 square metres under a flat roof. To safeguard the structure and its belongings, it is imperative to guarantee the waterproofing integrity of the roof due to its extensive area. The best way to find any such problems was to use Electronic Leak Detection testing since leaks could cause expensive damages and inconveniences.

Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection Test in Reading

The Process

Our team at AspireUAV started by thoroughly cleaning the roof surface to ensure accurate test results. Next, we arranged the roof space into a grid layout, distributing the designated testing locations equally throughout. To ensure that there would be no permanent marks left on the roof, non-permanent paint was used to indicate these points.

Next, we used specific equipment to apply a low-voltage electrical current to the roof. When we paired this current with the ambient moisture, we were able to find possible leaks. We carefully moved our equipment throughout the grid, gathering information at every turn.

Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection Test in Reading

The Results

Important information regarding the state of the roof was obtained through the Electronic Leak Detection testing. We succeeded in locating any leaks or spots that needed to be taken seriously. This information is priceless because it enables Kier Construction and the Tesco Store to proactively handle any problems, averting future water damage and expensive repairs.

Why Electronic Leak Detection Testing Matters

Comparing electronic leak detection testing to conventional leak detection techniques reveals a number of benefits. First of all, the testing procedure doesn't harm the roof because it is non-invasive. Second, it yields extremely accurate data that allows for the proper identification of problems. Lastly, it is effective, enabling us to cover vast regions in a comparatively short period of time.

Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection Test in Reading


Working on the Electronic Leak Detection test for the Tesco Store in Reading was a rewarding experience for our team at AspireUAV. We take great satisfaction in using state-of-the-art technologies to assist our clients in protecting the structural integrity of their buildings and averting possible water damage. Working with Kier Construction, Electronic Leak Detection testing was essential in guaranteeing the waterproofing integrity of the flat roof and protecting the Tesco Store and its operations.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about Electronic Leak Detection testing or would like more information about our offerings. We're always delighted to impart our knowledge and offer assistance in shielding your priceless possessions from possible leaks and water damage.